More About Jennifer

Zion National Park, Utah, 2001

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jennifer and I have been director of Lifeline Personal Training for the past 19 years.  I provide in-home certified personal fitness training for clients in the midtown and downtown Toronto region, including Forest Hill, Rosedale and my own neighborhood, the Annex.  You may see me biking around the city (spring to fall only!) to see my clients, or running through the streets of the Annex or Forest Hill as I train for half marathons and 10k races. I am an ACE Gold-Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, a AAHFRP-Certified Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist, and an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer.  I also have a Master of Social Work degree and am an Ontario Registered Social Worker. Sometimes I am asked why I decided to go into this field.  The honest answer is that I had an epiphany one day during my second year of grad school that this is what I should do.  At that time, very few people worked in the fitness industry full time.  And few, if any, fitness professionals had the skills required to work with people with medical problems.  No one believed that I could do it.  I proved them wrong! I was lucky that early on, I had mentors whom I learned a great deal from.  I peppered everyone I knew or encountered who worked in rehabilitation, from massage therapy to chiropractic, to physiotherapy to medicine, to naturopathy.  I viewed everyone I met in these fields as a repository of knowledge from which I could learn and absorb, in the days before the Internet and Wikipedia.

I specialize in certified personal fitness training for people who are new to exercise, returning to exercise, and those with medical problems.   Every program I design, whether addressing low fitness level, overweight, injuries, cancer treatment side effects, arthritis, back problems, knee problems, movement disorders, brain injury, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and others, is evidence-based and draws from what research has been shown to be safe and effective for specific health problems.  I incorporate comprehensive initial and ongoing assessment, therapeutic and corrective exercise techniques, mental health counseling, as well as taking a close look at what motivates each individual.  The most perfectly designed exercise programs are not useful if my clients are not able to problem solve how to change their lifestyles, and incorporate what I recommend. In my other life, I have three boys who are ages 11, almost 10 and 8, a wonderful husband whom I met on a bus in the mountains in Spain in 1998, and an adorable cat named Bentzi (I would have more cats but Tzvika won't let me).  I am a sub-elite long distance runner who has struggled with many health problems - serious back and neck injuries, asthma, knee problems - of my own over the years.  Having experienced chronic pain, I have tremendous empathy for people who are currently in this situation.