Outdoor Running Lament

Surf City Half Marathon, 2012

So I have been trying my best to train through this dreadful, impossible winter.  This has entailed running exclusively on a treadmill - which I actually don't mind, but when it is your only option it can be crazy-making after a while.  But after breaking multiple ribs last spring, I am not chancing another fall.  So I am at that point now - DYING to get back on the Beltline Trail, with my music and my thoughts, and the fresh air, and the ground. The ground!  Not a rubberized belt.  So I am using the visualization techniques that serve me well when I am doing hard training runs and near the end of races, and thinking of my most beautiful runs last year, when problems solved themselves, the world was intensified and yet so much easier to deal with, and my legs felt like they could go on forever.  I have had some success - after a tough few weeks, I squeezed out about 13 km this part Friday.  Thinking of the trees, of course.