Something Nice

"As a long time sufferer of chronic debilitating migraine headaches and muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder I had tried all kinds of ways to keep my body as strong, supple and healthy as possible. I was constantly running into road blocks of flare ups and long stretches where exercise was very difficult or impossible. These left me right back at square one more discouraged than ever. Jennifer started working with me a little over a year ago. I had a bit of a cynical attitude, not expecting much because of my past experiences but also not wanting to miss an opportunity to feel better. She started me off working way below my strength capability in order to build up my core slowly without giving me a flare up. Because Jennifer works with people with various chronic pain issues she had an understanding, and interest and compassion for what I was dealing with. Gradually, bit by bit, I increased the reps and endurance, following Jennifer's advice to back off and adjust things when I was not feeling up to it. Now I have a life long strength and endurance program which works! Thanks  Jen!" -Jane W, age 50 Artist